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12/24 - 3/17, 2018

空凿者 -- 林延,尹秀珍,艾敬 Useless Value -- Lin Yan, Yin Xunzhen, Ai Jing


Wanying Art Museum

Shijiazhuang, Beijing suberb


Lin Yan walk you through her new installation "Phecda" (Chinese) 

(The work is installed and supported by Wanying Art Museum)

Phecda 天玑
Phecda 天玑
Phecda 天玑
Phecda 天玑
Phecda 天玑
Phecda 天玑
Phecda 天玑
Phecda 天玑
6/24 - 8/27, 2017
機杵 -- 當代藝術展 LOOM — Contemporary Art   
蘇州金雞湖美術館 Jinji Lake Museum of Art, Suzhou
6/17 -8/20, 2017
Crossing East and West:
The Remaking of Ink Art in Contemporary East Asia 
策展人王家驥 curated by Chia Chi Jason Wang. 
銀川當代美術館 Yinchuan Museum of Contemporary Art

3/8 - 7/30, 2017
The Dark Matters 暗物質 curated by David Williams
White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, Australia白兔美術館,悉尼
Sky #2, Ink, Xuan paper, string and lights, 2016-2017. collected by White Rabbit Gallery
Phecda 天玑

2017. Chinese hand-made Xuan paper. The work invites viewers walking into it