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LIN Yan, with xuan paper as her major material, creates installations and sculpture paintings equipped with architectural characters. In her hands, xuan paper is not merely the submissive medium of painting; rather, it can be shaped to possess weight and layers of its own. Black and white, firmness and softness are harmoniously juxtaposed; each quality implicates the other, like the constant negotiation of void and fullness in tai chi, or the yin-yang balance in traditional Chinese philosophy. Also interested in spatial and architectural forms, LIN has created many large site-specific installations lately. These works sustain the subtle contrast between their massive appearance and their light weight and feel. In the kaleidoscopic world of contemporary art, LIN seizes the oldest and modest material to unfold her everlasting affections for her surroundings, culture, and history.


LIN was born in Beijing, China. After graduating from The Central Academy of Fine Arts, LIN pursued further studies at L’École National Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1985. Then, she obtained her master’s degree from the Department of Art Studio at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, USA. in 1989. She moved to New York in 1993. Her most recent solo exhibitions include: “Lin Yan: Inverted Shadow” at Leo gallery in Shanghai(2018) “Lin Yan : Gateway” at Fou gallery in Brooklyn(2017). “Lin Yan” at Taipei Eslite gallery(2016). Most recent selected group shows are “Useless Value” at Wanying Art Space, Shijiazhuang, “Crisscrossing East and West: The Remaking of Ink Art in Contemporary East Asia” at Museum of Contemporary Art – Yin Chuan.“The Dark Matters” at White Rabbit gallery in Sydney. Her works are collected by the Deutsche Bank in New York, Long Museum in Shanghai, National Art Museum of China in Beijing and White Rabbit Gallery in Sydney. 







林延1961年出生於中國北京,中央美院油畫系畢業後,1985年前往巴黎美院繪畫材料研究室進修,1989年賓州布魯斯堡大學視覺藝術系取得碩士學位,近期重要个展包括:「林延:反映」(2018,上海獅語畫廊),「林延:门道」(2017,纽约否画廊),「林延」(2016,臺北誠品畫廊)。2017年主要聯展包括万营藝術空間「空凿者」,银川当代艺术美术馆「声东击西: 东亚水墨艺术的当代再造」, 澳大利亞白兔美術館「暗物質」等。作品獲紐約德意志銀行、上海龍美術館、北京中國美術館、澳大利亞白兔美術館等機構收藏。

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