Solo exhibition 个展:


Lin Yan: Beyond Xuan



Nov.14 - Dec.14, 2014

Officina exhibition space



November 13 at 7pm


WIELS Contemporary Art Centre will host a talk by Robert C.Morgan, renowned art critic, lecturer and writer -

Ink and Xuan: Chinese artists, Writing beyond Writing – the Specificity of Lin Yan. On this occasion the catalogue of the exhibition will be presented, published by Officina, with an essay by Robert C. Morgan and a preface by Pascale Viscardy.




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artist’s note:


In early Aug. 2014, I took two oversized luggages filled with Xuan paper and a few unfinished works flying to Brussels to start a 6-week artist-in-residence project in Officina, which is actually a beautiful four-story residential house built in 1906. It was influenced by Art Nouveau style with ample space and elegant fitmentMy ideas grow from gazing into different space in the house. Walls, windows, stairs, details of the architecture and furniture all could become part of my work... 

Meanwhile, it’s such a great escape from hot summer in New York. By the time I leave, I have installed 18 pieces from ground to the top floor. Please see images below.