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Sprint and Cheryl McGinnis Projects Present: 

Lin Yan-Embracing Stillness  Flatiron Prow Art Space 2.14 – 7. 22, 2013 175 Fifth Avenue (at 23rd Street) NYC



Lin Yan’s site-specific installation in the glass-enclosed Prow Art Space inspired by the Confucius classics The Great Learning - "Only after one understands how to forsake motion can one attain calmness, after calmness comes quietude, then peace, then thoughtfulness, and finally attainment. Only when the heart determines to follow supreme kindness and truth can one achieve "Understanding Stillness."  The space she finds between movement and stillness is analogous to the space we find as human beings between our often intense lives of movement, upper mobility, stress, and our very private moments of reflection.


Sprint公司联手Cheryl McGinnis Projects推出大型素描与宣纸装置


《林延: 知止》纽约熨斗大厦公共艺术空间 2013.2.14 - 7. 2224小时)




"Embracing Stillness", Charcoal drawing and Xuan paper, 2013, Flatiron Prow Art Space, NYC

知止》素描、宣纸装置,700x488x300cm, 2013 纽约熨斗大厦艺术空间


Images 图片

2013 Installations 装置


Exhibition: New York Beijing Here There 10.24 - 11.17, 2013 Yuan Art Museum

Curator: Yelin Qiu. Participating ArtistsLin Yan / Alois Kronschlaeger / Wei Jia / Michelle Fornabai

... Lin Yan's Sky” reflects on air quality by using ink, Xuan paper and light to track the condition of our environment, yet float across boundaries, materializing the ephemeral.......more 



展览《纽约 北京 此地 那里》2013.10.24 - 11.17 元典美术馆

策展人: 邱烨麟. 参展艺术家: 林延、阿洛伊斯-科隆史莱格、韦佳、米谢尔-佛纳白 

...... 林延的《》通过水墨、宣纸与光影来捕捉我们生存环境的基本条件从而引发对空气质量的思考;作品亦自由穿梭于不同界限,将瞬息物化与纸上.......全文

 "Sky".  Ink and Xuan paper, 150x165x197in. 2013, Beijing 

《天》墨、宣纸。380x420x500cm, 2013 北京 

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